After a bed full of pillows, a duvet with a pattern of black and purple, we come to the present a picture of romance and good taste. For those who are romantic, hearts and a mix of purple and black, this combination will definitely catch their attention. If you are romantic and search for all kinds of decorative ideas, you will see in one picture two beds decorated with black and purple patterns.

In another picture we will see an explosion of black and purple, many pillows filled with black and purple spots. A sofa with black and purple spots is waiting for a sweet nap at your place.

As it is another couch where you can sitting and admire a panoramic view of the city, we can see a black and purple carpet along the wall, a young purple baby pillow .. the accessories behind the sofa can be seen in the middle of it, a black and purple comfortable couch with two matching chairs. You will be amazed to see a collage of round pillows, in different colors and that look as if wasspretty picked up straight from the wall.

In the next image we see two purple and black living room pillows that are arranged symmetrically. The straight and neat cut of the fabric doesn’t diminish the style, it just makes it look neat and tidy, don’t you think?

The next room isn’t that much but it looks really interesting, fun and stylish. That’s mostly because of the combination of black and purple but we are not talking about white rooms so far. The reason for that is because you will often see pattern and design in there, not colors so it’s worth focusing more on the effect that the combination can create when you mix a little girl’s red birthday banner with black and purple walls.

Our next picture represents the picture of a room without color. That would be a nursery, but with pink walls, a modernly decorated ceiling and dial and gender neutral furniture. Yes, the pink elements can be seen in there and yet the space is not lacking kids’ rooms. It is, however, quite difficult to concentrate your thoughts and to find the right balance between different decorating styles.

Finding that perfect balance between black and purple is not easy and there are more elements that can make an effort better in this case. But you can use each in your project and you can be pretty sure that you’ll never have to worry about it again, that you can always make use of the purple and black combination and the make the room look stunning.

But even if all you need is a hint of unique and modern charm it can be pretty difficult to find the right balance between nostalgic and historical elements. So take a look around your home, try to match all the vintage or classical features, artwork, colors, materials, textures etc. all the little details will help you piece up the space and if you can also include a piano and a vintage-looking coffee table too everything will look well, not only the ambiance in the room.

But somehow, to make the room not feel cluttered and tiny it’s good to have some idea as to what you’re looking for. If you want you can do that with a black and white focal wall. Play with oversized patterns, intricate prints and different geometrical shapes. If you want to match the sofa to the wall as well, add two or three knobs of different sizes.

Oversized wall shelves are very common in most modern homes. Displaying collections and photos by multicolored wall shelves are quite nice and you can combine this style with a specific type of wall light for a distinctive effect.

But don’t rely only on wall shelves if you want to be practical. You can also work with brass and silver accents to create a unique and sophisticated look meant to maximize its chicness.