All of people prefer decorating their rooms in dark colours. I remember the desire to feel comfortable in a warm and cosy place and the courage to create a nice and cosy family room especially for holidays. Warm and cozy furniture and decorated well with good style. If you want a more dramatic impact on the room design, simply highlight the walls with a striking modern wall clock or a simple piece of modern art. This living room uses black and cream combinations of colours.

I personally think that the cream tones are the best ones chosen for a room design; the tones are bold, but the shades are soft. If you want to create a more sophisticated place, you can use some details in the shape of colourful decorations. In this case the decorate walls with family pictures and other inspirational objects you can see from your living room. The important thing is to make the space more appealing and to have something special in it. So keep it simple and focus only on the colours and the design rather than the objects: choosing the colours from natural tones or, if you want some special decorations you can opt for the real decoration.

Use plenty of light sources to create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in your living room and make your home more pleasant. The tones of white, beige and shades of grey are recommended as being the perfect colour for a warm and light home design. Using the colours of nature in your home design can be a very helpful tool. You can choose warm shades like brown, beige, lighter shades like grey and light beige. Choose the natural design of a tree or fish, or create your own design. You don’t need to over do this. Choose your favourite colours and make your room design luxurious.

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