Living room is the most important room in the house because usually it’s where you spend most of your free time, thus having a comfortable living room. It’s therefore usually the place where the owners organize gift for their children. However, if the room is a little too austere or too colorful, it’s porot having a bad effect on the overall image of the room.

The black and cream living room presented above is probably the most common one because it’s a combination of colors that go very well together. The contrastive look wouldn’t be very desirable if it colored just by using certain shades of beige or dark brown. As for the décor, it’s amazing how much the walls look when painted the same color throughout. The simplicity of the design and the subtle and smooth colors create such a harmonious look. On one hand, it’s modern and minimalist but every time it has a different color palette and décor. On the other hand, it has a luxurious look that deserves to be included.

Black And Cream Living Room Design Photo 2

The two living rooms are separated by a beautiful white floor white the white background is like the bricks in the ground. That’s because the owners wanted to create an ordinary and unique décor.

Black And Cream Living Room Design Photo 3

Since the walls and all the furniture were white, it wasn’t appropriate to add a touch of color to the room. To make the room look different from the one in the kitchen, the walls were painted a beautiful dark tone of cream, almost the same as blue. To create a contrast, the floors were also covered in a light brown, a color that looks quite natural in the décor. The fireplace creates a nice contrasting background, especially with the open furniture.

The master bedroom has an ena blinds and the furniture and accessories add some nice color to the room. The inhabitants of the house are also in love with the Split House and they wanted to see how it would look in the bright light of the house as well. So the basement was designed with lacquered wood and it tends to have a very antique look. The rooms are spacious and the living area has a modern design.{found on contemporist}.