Black and brown are two colors that work very well together and work well together in a space to complement each other. They combine easily and there so long the situation can be reduced to coziness and refinement in the least interesting ways. In this case you would have to consider having a black sofa in the living room. The white one also seems to be a very good idea in this case.

Another very good idea is black tall furniture. It provides a soft and elegant frame to a black sofa and it also remains simple and stylish. The black high stools are very beautiful. They bring everyone together and they look like giant vases. The black sofa is the perfect touch for a traditional décor. Also, for a modern home you can also opt for a black floor lamp or an expensive coffee table. Either way, it’s a very elegant combination that would look nice in a traditional or even modern home.{found on vision}.

Black And Brown Living Room Designs In NY Apartment Photo 2