My days work are long gone and my work is now only 2 hours long. Here is a special office or meeting room, where I spend quality hours working and meet with different clients. In my case the clients are old enough to recognize my style and simply love my work. But my family also love my office and keep it company for more than a few months. So here’s an office you can either use or buy and the price varies between $795 and $1075.

The first one is more suitable to be placed in the attic of a house, where weather does not allow you to work late and heavy. For those who don’t work late or who have children, this place is the perfect place for that. It is more comfortable but still very organized and you can chat, work in front of the computer and much more comfortable and functional work place.

Bj Thomas Living Room Sessions From Maya Studio Photo 2

The second one is a little more quiet but still relaxing and comfy and offers a great working conditions area where you can relax while you work or update the design of the room for an irices work. The price it’s available to you and you can have it now for $2,150.

Bj Thomas Living Room Sessions From Maya Studio Photo 3