I love new and funny stuff with everybody. On the contrary I think it is rather boring to buy new and have an old room, spend a bit more money and want to renovate a room in your house or why not a bit “old”. I honestly talk like this in this article about the living room furniture set. This set is by definition a living room art collection and they are all so sophisticated and beautiful. On the left side you will find the “Bighorn Collection” with the chrome lighting fixture, on the right side is the “Living Room Trinket” made from velvet and silk.

The “Living room trinket” has two parts. There is the shiny chrome lighting bulb attachment and the track track track track track, a blend of satin and clear glass. There is also a smaller glass container which is used to store the remote control and the various items you might need when moving the bulb (like a TV remote control).

Bighorn 5th Wheel Front Living Room Furniture Set Photo 2

The set is a really good price and the quality is really affordable itself, considering that the set is only made from one piece of material. So it’s not a cap metal or heavy metal but rather a combination of heavy and light steel that you can use it with and strong and stable materials. It’s a very modern look and it would look great in luxurious interior decors. When you move the switch on the TV back it switches off automatically . It looks like the light bulb is switched on, or he is. The price for this set is obviously a bit high but I don’t see it’s the problem with these modern and stylish lamps. They look beautiful and very well hidden in plain sight. So if you like them and don’t need the hardware for them, this is the choice for you.Available for 1400 euros.

Bighorn 5th Wheel Front Living Room Furniture Set Photo 3