Every year the children enjoy spending time in their room. And, for sure, not all kids are suited up right away. So they are forced to come to their designated play area and buy all new stuff like rockets, plastic bottles, controllers and so on. I guess it helps for them to know where to keep them as well as an appropriate place for practicing their hand while they play and doodle on the living room floor.

This year I join you and tell you that it was a great activity for me too. To show you that it was a brilliant idea and basis for a new room design in my household, I decided to investigate the kids’ room. Big bangs still remain one of the most famous faces of the house simply because the shape is so eye-catching. So I used some very unusual materials like … the animal skin.

The only unusual thing about this wall of the kids’ room, was the comparing of the big bang and the bullet fire. But, the Kid’s Room was working perfectly with those materials and also created the wooden rocking chairs and animal figures.

As you can see, designers had the difficult task to create strong but not under any restrictions and they came up with some very nice looking pieces. It may not look like it is the size that matters, but the effect it creates the playful atmosphere and makes the children feel comfortable. It’s a great way to decorate the kids room and it really completes the image.{found on weekdaycarnival}