The use of elements such as wood ceiling beams, stone walls and big windows to set the character of a house or a garden is certainly an important characteristic. However, traditional techniques can be adapted to create outstanding modern home designs. We recently found an example of such a setting which proves it not only incredibly beautiful but also proves that the opposite kind of approach can work.

The idea was taken to create an above garden living room with rustic and eclectic interiors. The traditional style is combined with contemporary details and an eclectic sort of continuity. The space is quite large and it has a very organized look. You can find an image just like that placed below. The walls, ceiling and the floor are all white but the white wood paneling mixed with the stone create a very beautiful and symmetrical décor.

Each room has its designated focal points. For example, the central piece is usually the barrel. This one has an abstract shape and is a really great focal point if the décor is complex. The furniture in the room is simple and functional. The living room features an eclectic style with a lot of antique details with an emphasis on the fireplace and the console table. Curtains are also a recurrent element and they add texture and color to the room.

Better Homes And Gardens Rustic Country Living Room Set The Tone For Eclectic Interior Photo 5