In the living room are used sofas and chairs. But, in order to obtain some mood and look, you must combine all the seven colors that are most common in the living room with the tones that are very common in the rest of the house. Dark walls in the living room are not the best color because they overstimulate the room and they make it seem smaller and less airy. However, you can use white walls to have a lighter atmosphere and the color will also be better-suited for it. Brown is an excellent color and you can use it to create sober lines and a simple décor.

In the living room is it dangerous to adopt too many colors, especially when you have furniture in the room, so, instead of redacting the dark and gloomy side of the walls you may choose to introduce some light colors like yellow or orange. If you are using multiple colored walls you should try and mix everything in between them. Yellow is actually a color that looks best with brown.

Best Wall Colors For Living Room With Dark Brown Furniture Photo 2

Orange looks especially well with brown. If your living room has a warm and cozy décor it is overrated. Red rooms will make you think of that traditional Californian culture when you talk of brown and red bedrooms. If in the case of the living room you should use the brown for the furniture and the walls, the red walls are overrated.

The walls should be painted in a color that blends well with brown. If you opt for the brown color, the brown furniture and doors will be the best place to put it, but if your living room is with brown furniture then the walls will be overstuffed and your furniture will be over looked.

Brown is the most reserved color and you should try to tone down the decor using brown cabinet doors or maybe paint the walls brown if this is the case. In the case of the media room, brown doors are the most indicated.

Try to tone down the style by using molding, wood boxes or an aged look. A dark brown living room will appear almost unpleasant. In the case of the media room, use glossy brown paint for the walls and also consider pale-colored wood boxes for the above mentioned room. The mix of old and new has become one of the most important rules of decorating.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.