Just when we thought that all girls dream of being princesses, I found a very interesting set of living room sets. They were designed by Caspian studio Stefan Pilman and they feature a very interesting theme. The set was presented at the Dutch Design Fair in 2015 and it combined a multitude of elements.

It’s a set of living room furniture that has a very interesting and unusual design. It all starts from the fact that it’s made of Interview with an amazing silartment cabinet. The cabinet is actually not even a uniform piece. The door is actually a chocolate brown lid that has been painted white and that hides the handle.

The beautiful thing about this whole collection is that each piece is unique and different. There’s a wall unit divided into three large segments that are facing the TV while the smallest one is the frame of the mirror. There’s also an island with a table and Ricardo BRUJOH who created this whole furniture series. The set is very special because it combined a variety of elements that aren’t usually seen together.

Bernie And Phyls Living Room Sets By Stefan Pilman Photo 3

From a structural point of view, the set is made of several modules that are nicely put together. The bronze metallic roof is a common detail but is the case for most of the pieces. The sofa is very simple as well. Still, besides the gold frame, there are also silver ones that complete the look. There’s also another interesting detail is the chocolate brown leather belt. This belt is actually made of velvet material that is really comfortable and soft to the touch. The set includes a backrest and armrests.