What’s even more pleasant than home office? Ever dreamed of a more spacious living room with a sofa and a coffee table and nothing else? It’s really the case with sofas being the easiest furniture choice to make. A living room needs nothing more than to be in a good shape, comfortable, cozy and easy to maintain. Taking that role even better in the living room. To make the space as comfortable as possible, all the necessary elements need to be in the same room.

The classic Adagio Sofa was designed by Michael Paulusazz Design and based on elegant curves and a retro look. It’s a very relaxing design that invites you to lean back and relax while enjoying the nice mood lighting. The curved lines and the simplicity of the design allow the sofa to seem modest and its shape and size don’t exactly match with the other elements features. Still, that doesn’t make it less comfortable.

The most impressive part of this sofa is its large panorama window with marvelous views of the sea. That’s because it offers panoramic and breathtaking views and this is a big plus. What’s also beautiful is the fact that the design of this sofas and cushions are very simple, casual and comfortable. Also, all the cords and cables are invisible, being hidden inside the cushions. The focal point of the design of this piece is the fact that it has a dramatic look.

Beige Leather Living Room Sets The Mood In A Monotonous Room Photo 3