When it comes to furniture, the classic Barcelona chair has been an iconic piece of furniture all over the world. With its careful balance between metal and wood, the Barcelona chair is an ideal piece for practically any space. It was designed by Josep Ferrando Joaquín and it has a substantial appearance that belies its harshness. The chair offers good posture and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The legs are made of wood and the backrest has a white floral seat.

With a sturdy frame, the Barcelona chair is guaranteed to stand out and to become a focal point of attention if not decorated in a stylish way. It can be placed basically anywhere and it’s particularly great in living rooms and public spaces. Pair it with more simple chairs and it can form the perfect reading nook.

Barcelona Chair In Living Room, Dining Room And Living Room: Durato Chair Photo 2

The legs and the backrest are both very simple and sleek and they’re complemented by a light up backrest that gently wraps around the seat. The visually-light upholstery adds a sophisticated touch to the chair.

The backrest is an ever-present feature that also emphasizes the elegant and chic design. This is the element that gives the chair a point of elegance and it’s a great way to add some warmth and comfort to the living room without making it look illogical. In addition, the chair’s design is quite versatile and fits in quite different decors.

The Barcelona chair brings together comfort and style and to offer a unique experience. Its design is simple and elegant, featuring delicate lines and an overall feminine allure. Although it may not look particularly appealing to those who prefer a more masculine look, the chair suits all styles. Matching furniture pieces such as accent chairs or armchairs can be great strategy to break the monotony of the design.

The nice thing about the Barcelona chair is that it can built an extendable version. This allows it to become more or less comfortable while sitting in any corner of the room. This way you save some space and the fact that you can make the chair however you want helps you make the most of the room. The chair offers great support and its casual appearance allows it to be used in all types of situations, including large gatherings.

Designed to be used anywhere, the Barcelona chair offers comfort and style, all wrapped in a timeless and classical design. Although it may seem a bit odd to see a chair shaped like a Barcelona chair in a home but it’s because its design is very simple. It’s a combination between a backrest and a backrest made of stainless steel. The chair was designed to be used in both at the same time and apart.

The Barcelona chair is meant to be highly versatile and to look modern and stylish. Its versatile design allows it to be combined with various types of surroundings, such as at the center of a dining table, on a bar or in a similar setting. This particular model features a classic Barcelona chair design with tousled backrest and armrests in white cotton.

Its overall dimensions are 40W x 20D x 39H inches while its seat height is 31.5 inches. If we’re looking for a suitable example, compare it to the Gen II of a gaming chair. The Gen II has a chic, classical look and a stylish headrest. The chair measures 38F. This makes it just right for poolside areas and its elegant frame is trimmed with beautifully hand-crafted materials.Available for 949$.