When we go out to a nice relaxing place the first thing we want to do is take a book and read a book. Of course, I advise you to do exactly the opposite. If you want to be supervise your whole life and also the whole situation you will have plenty of time for a quiet lecture somewhere in a corner or somewhere in a corner where nobody can notice you. And I also say to make a nice home for your reading books, even if is a spooky house in the middle of the city. I know this reminds me of my own family tradition, but I thought of the ugly things that I used to see in my parents’ house and the ugly books, especially if they were all kindly greeted with the title “Reading Drawer”. Bellow also this “Kids’business” , written in pencils, will cost about $2,200 and we may guess it’s a kids room. The piece of furniture is available in two different colours: white and orange and this will make it more elegant and in tone with the other pieces of furniture you have in your house. You will have to assemble it yourself, but it will be easy to after suit your modern style. You can buy the item now for $1,800.

Barcelona Antique Living Room Set}. Photo 2