A living room is all about comfort of course because not only that is a very important aspect of every living room but also because that is a space where family members gather to spend time together and have fun. So for those who like lying back and spending time with each other or entertaining themselves, I bet you’ll love the new Barbie furniture collection from Carles Envie. First of all this collection is called Barcelso It’s Good Day Barbie collection because it captures the best of both worlds: comfort and style. You can find this collection both in white and in black and the collection both lined in wood and porcelain. This means that the pieces from this collection will look and feel quite similar to the way they should like a mattress.

The stretched out flat surface offers more space and is more comfortable as you can now comfortably sit on the mattress of a modern looking sofa set. What’s even more interesting though is the fact that this collection sells them in different sized (the bigger the better), with 30, 60, 90 and 200 pieces. You can choose the one that better fits your living room design and it will cost you unless you order a set of identical or less durable furniture. You’ll have to pay roughly $50 for one piece.

Barbie Living Room Furniture Set – Charcoal Sofa By Carles Envie Photo 3