For those who like their interior décor to look like a drawing room or work space where they can be creative then they could choose to create a nice collection of furniture that would respond to your need. This collection of coating finishes, porcelain and glass was created by doochtoggen and amber LED lamp shades and feature a nice combination of colors. This is a product that will definitely attract all the attention. Its simple design and quality, natural color variation and light diffusion let you enjoy its features like a small space or a wonderful ambient where you can feel like you breathe in nature or where you can concentrate without being bothered and overworked.

All these components combined by the two distinct objects, the coat racks from primitive coat making and the LED light fixtures create a wonderful design. It is a nice combination of simplicity and complexity and the result is an original and remarkable interior décor that will satisfy everyone even if they are not writing daily lists or messages. It is a piece of furniture and an important aspect in my personal design. You can choose to include it in your house, or to purchase it directly from the Internet.