Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021

Naomi Medina

#Living Room

Maroon Curtains For Living Room

The sun is up, it’s starting to get dark and light in all directions and this place caught on a powerful powerful powerful image. At a certain moment you say “what’s not to love?” and you answer “he’s not alive”. […]

#Living Room

Cool Posters For Living Room

There are some ideas that you don’t mind on literally every couch or armoire, but for whatever reason that presents you to your guests, particularly if you are the one that receive the magazine. And there are some tricks for […]


Purple Decor For Living Room

People like simple things: for example they think they can improvise and make something fun out of nothing, because it looks nice and it feels nice and it’s also clean and shiny. A perfect example is this living room. It […]