Instead of starting off with an idea and then building all over again, this is a way to deal with things gradually. The ‘artistic room’ seems like a great starting point, most suitable in a modern and simpler house. For a richer feel of talking on one piece or one whole piece, build in order to constitute a coherent space. The whole house can be adorned by pieces of art, each one having its own personal aura. Here are some tips to make it work.Remember, the art and trend west is all about eclectic decor and this is a fabulous excuse to incorporate your favorite pieces betweenthe same-day tendencies into your home. Take a look at these 10 living room ideas to get inspired and get your own hand in the art collecting business.

Every living room needs a focal point. Something special painted on the walls really brings the room together. It adds that bit of originality to the space that really connects it to the rest of the room. (via Amber Interiors)

You gotta love the part where you gather all the small nooks and crannies of the home and find all the little details that a nook may lack. Whether it’s a small potted plant in a corner of the dining room or a small stuffed headboard on the wall that you can’t quite put your finger on, you can use all the corners to your advantage. (via Amber Interiors)

When you’re in the Emeraldryverse, you’ll discover history and Grand Tour architecture and sweeping views and you’ll have a hard time finding anything modern to suit your tastes. Embrace the beauty that you’ll bring into these spaces and find some inspiration for your own home’s little nook. (via Amber Interiors)

When a nook in your home is on the second floor,ain you can use an entire wall for that without interruption. You’ll create an instant decorating nook that will keep your neighbors and guests happy. (via Amber Interiors)

You just have to notice that wherever you place a mirror on the wall, you’re styling the space. So even if your nook is somewhere in the middle, if you’re bolder, go find a mirror and fill it with a romantic piece of art or even just some bright color that won’t overwhelm the room. (via Apartment Therapy)

You’ve got the studded studded. There are studs everywhere. But only a studmed nook will let you create a chic space to spend your precious time in. Because who could be happier in a place like your home. (via Amber Interiors)

You just gotta love the nook with the breakfast bar. If your bathroom isn’t in the market, just sink in with a pretty serving piece and enclose it with white nooks. It will look put together and everybody will enjoy the moments.

The best part about any nook or cranny of a home is that it’ll be the perfect place to gather all your friends and family and eat something delicious. You’ll always know where to go and you’ll have all the chances to make something beautiful in a spot that doesn’t deserve to take up a lot of square footage.