The living room is usually the place where you wait for the guests or spend some time alone. Most people are not attracted to this space, since they have their own bedrooms. But some designers seem to like having a different thing . . . I mean if you have your own bedroom and media space, then your living room will seem more special and unique. But you need your own furniture and end furniture is not a priority. If you are serious about making your house look special, then you might want to look for something modern and unique.

This Art Van Living Table seems the perfect model. It is a piece of furniture that looks like the drawing-realism of cars. That does not have a practical purpose, as most cars look like drawings. But, amusing as it looks, this van coffee table is actually made of cardboard.

Created by the German designer Rüger Heilfe, this coffee table is perfect for small places, for your children’s rooms or living rooms. It is the perfect alternative for miniature coffee tables, as it takes less space and is perfect for your empty corners. Kids will love it and will enjoy having coffee in their room. The dimensions are: 36?w x 16?d x 18?h and you can order it now for $49.35.

Art Van Living Room Tables Photo 3