If you’re looking for a simple solution for everyday items, check out the ArLocketone 3-piece living room set. It offers you all necessary elements for easy storage and easy care. This furniture set is a universal product and it allows you to include 5 or 6 identical pieces from 5 different storage units to easily store all your used items.

ArLocketoffice is a coffee table with a simple and modern design. It features a steel base and a thick wooden top made of solid oak or walnut veneer. The ArLocketoffice top is also made of wood. It’s durable and friendly. It has rubber foot pads as well as rigid finger pads for better grip. The top, combined with the leather used to create the table is strong enough to hold stuff for up to six people. Its dimensions are 39W x 24D x 33H inches. The storage unit is very simple. It includes two identical pieces that stand by each other, but there are also two small side compartments for varied items that you can store in there.Available for 1000$.