If you’re an Italian lover of beautiful things, then you must have a nice collection of lamps in your house. Lamps are one way to break the monotony and they also allow you to concentrate your precious time on creating the perfect décor. Antonio Citterio shows you a simple but very effective décor for this very reason.The lamps have a very simple design and yet they are very eye-catching.

They look like stylized cakes that are covered in paper. They are all decorated with lovely and colorful paper flowers and leaves that in a very interesting match. They will bring a fresh look to your living room. And if you use them as accessories, then they should share the same style and in the same tone.

Arc Lamps In Living Room – Beautiful Design By Antonio Citterio Photo 2

The designer offers a very modern and correct approach to decorating your living room with these lovely lamps. They were meant to enhance the beauty of the walls and to enhance the simplicity and elegance of the décor. The main idea for this design was to create a pure building block.

Arc Lamps In Living Room – Beautiful Design By Antonio Citterio Photo 3

The main idea was to use only one shade, in order to give the room a subtle and romantic look. So the main color used is pink. The pendant lights are also meant to steal the attention away from the moldings. This way you create a very elegant look and also have the impression of having three exposed chandeliers.