It’s very common for people to want to decorate their living room in a very specific way, in order to obtain a looks that reflects the style of the living: a beach themed décor, a grown up decor, a sophisticated etc. However, there are limits to this kind of chic style, because as long as you can use simple, homey accessories, like furniture and fabrics that give it style. These are a few ideas.

The first thing you should know about placing furniture against the wall or virtually any reverse. You need to know how to lay the furniture against the wall because this is a wall you can’t create with furniture pieces. First you need to establish a basic base, then you need to add all the little details, after which it’s time to color everything. For a splash of color you need to think about your wall paint color, because this is the one you should be most attentive to, including the colors from each painting. Paint around probably covered the vertical and lateral walls, the horizontal one, the vertical one and then the half walls in the case of the vertical wall, but if you are looking for color ideas for your living room this should be easy to do.

The first thing you need to consider for your living room color theme is your living room’s theme. Most living rooms are usually colored in that color and you can probably imagine your friends’ walls, because that leads to the general color scheme, based on grey and white. Our wall paint color should be somewhere between two or three colors. Here, almost colors are actually only one accent shade, plus the walls can be color between red and blue, depending on the place of the living room, the tones, etc.

Aqua Blue Living Room Ideas Photo 3

Of course, sometimes painting the entire wall with a contrasting color like orange, red or yellow can give your living room personality, but sometimes a single color like yellow can complete the whole theme. The living room in the picture above has a dark red wall, which makes it particularly attractive.

Aqua Blue Living Room Ideas Photo 4

And even if we have covered a living room with two colors, what if you only have one and combine it according to your mood or the result you desire? Yes, it’s too much. Both colors, in a very natural and simplistic way. If you want to make the room fun and colorful, go for orange furniture and maybe even some bright colors like turquoise for example.

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As children it’s a color you can turn into a bad thing. However, adults need as much of a reason to say they are against colors like pink for example. So don’t fill your living room with colors like that.

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