This is an interesting and unusual approach to square furniture. The idea was to make a living room look like a container within a container, either inside the living room or outside it, either as small module inside a living room and even a temporary structure. The furniture was designed by Andrea Mosci and it’s made mainly of wood.

It’s a modular piece made of a thin and light-coloured fiberglass suspended inside this three dimensional sculpture of a small table top. The only part of the living room is actually the bed. It was shaped like a tiny container within a larger floor plan. This is probably the best place for it because it offers enough space for a little snack, a little lounge chair, a place for the alarm clock to keep within reach, a place for books, a place for coffee.

Aqua And Yellow Living Room Designs By Andrea Mosci Photo 2

The idea was to eliminate the container and to maximize the storage space. The Task was to make everything in this small space as functional as possible. The result was a simple but interesting sofa, a simple tablescape, a simple home office furniture, a nice mix of colors and materials and a chic sofa.