White is a strange color. It’s not supposed to be used excessively. In there, we all dream of a perfect place where we can spend our free time with no worries, no need of doors and we forget about a form.

The problem is not very obvious. If your concern is taking care of nature or having a beautiful house, white would be perfect. As you can see in these pictures, white has many qualities that need to be analyzed closely. It’s a color that creates a pure, airy environment, not that bright and modern. Also, there seems to be a very nice balance between the classical shapes and styles and the brightness of the color itself.

I don’t know if white is exaggerating or not but the result is fantastic. I love the way this color was used to create the first floors of the house. The rooms are very bright because of the white walls, ceilings and white wooden floors. The colors create a timeless, fresh and air free look. The bedrooms look more chic and cozy. The white floors add style to the rooms and give them a more refreshing look. If you feel like your décor is not quite right, there’s also another color to use. It’s a darker shade of green and it seems to contradict the white version.

Antique White Living Room Tables Photo 9