The type of furniture designed for white homes is following a pattern and this means different things for each of them. White furniture can be both sophisticated and simple as it can blend in to the environment. It would look very beautiful in a modern or contemporary home. This particular type of furniture can be best seen in the living room. It’s a furniture piece designed by Estudio Campana and it has a very clean and clear design.

The most distinguishable feature is, obviously, the base which is almost entirely white. It has a thin floating top constructed like a shell around a rectangular wooden structure. That way you can see the subtle and soft texture immediately, as well as the tiny push it to become a focal point for the room. The rest of the furniture is also kept simple.

Antique White Living Room Furniture Photo 2

The living room that incorporates this type of white furniture is very bright and open. The white walls, floor, ceiling and large windows make the space seem larger which also means that all the way until the ceiling we see white. White is the perfect color for a simple dining room. It creates the impression of a larger space and it’s also a color that can be easily complemented by any other color in the room. The minimalist style chosen for this room makes it feel chic without being overwhelming. The monochromatic color palette is a suitable choice for this style.