If you like to spend time in your living room watching TV, it’s time to have a TV unit in the room. The important thing is to have a sofa, a large couch and maybe even a coffee table. The TV is there, but you don’t really need it. It’s all you need.

The furniture you choose for your living room must also be durable and be easy to move. It’s what most people choose to study or simply work with. However, when they think about their living room, they don’t consider their private rooms. So the important thing to remember is to make sure that the TV fits nicely and is exactly how you want it to.

The furniture pieces you choose also have to be simple and in sync with the rest of the décor. This way the décor will be cohesive and the users will feel comfortable regardless of the style they choose to adopt. A traditional living room with a neutral color palette and built-in furniture and a décor with colorful and playful decorations are the perfect answer to everyone’s requirements.

Antique Victorian Living Room Furniture Photo 3

Simple and classic furniture pieces like this one are great for small living rooms. In fact, it’s a perfect example to show you how you can create a sophisticated and chic décor without sacrificing comfort and functionality. The key in this case is harmony. You can opt for matching armchairs, an ottoman or for both and you can also use patterns.

This is another classic and simple living room with a casual but also delicious approach. The décor used selection of materials along with bold colors and elegant shapes. The TV placed on the wall is in tone with the whole room but it maintains a lightweight, sophisticated and inviting look.

This is a living room that would look just as a hallway or terrace, if not for its beautiful floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that let you bring it outside. In this case the design is modest but functional. Notice how the accent colors are very nicely balanced and how the wooden flooring is combined with the neutral grey walls and the bright orange ceiling.{found on focus?}.

In a lot of cases the TV stand is the focal point of the living room, whether it’s a large stand or a tiny unit. On that note, it can be a great piece to add to the dining table as well as to a hallway or in the kitchen. We love the way in which the TV contrasts with the gray on the wall.{found on kaskab}.

You can also choose to play with various different forms, materials, finishes and colors and to combine them all. Here you can see how the TV stands stand is made from repurposed bottles. They’re arranged in a random pattern and they form a symmetrical structure.{found on site}.

Hanging the TV on the wall is a really creative idea. Design a wall unit or just a section of the living room that would hang in a certain manner. For example, this could be a cozy reading nook. The patterned design matches the wall and stands out in a really great way.{found on movinghomes}.

This is a really great mixture of old and new pieces. The antique TV stand combines modern safety hardware with vintage and mid-century style accents for an authentic look. The colors are obviously chosen to match the tones of the wall but that’s the look and the feeling that the piece represents.{found on movinghomes}.

You can similarly mix items into a modern or classical theme. For example, this set of vintage suitcases is all covered in fabric. The style of the furniture is surprising but so is the element of surprise. There’s also a little bit of industrial charm in all the right places.{found on inhabitat}.

And what about this piece? It’s a 52-piece custom-built sectional sofa/ daybed. It has four big wheels, comfortable cushions and it’s made of two elements. It’s indeed a one-of-a-kind piece and it’s also quite comfortable.{found on offecctroducts}.

There’s anothervo everyone and here we are with another example of a modern sectional sofa. It’s white with tufted upholstery and it’s actually suitable for small rooms.Listed for 380$.