This is the New York living room for sale. It’s a very open-concept home that covers a surface of 5,425 square feet and that also features a very inviting and relaxing interior décor.

The rooms are organized around a very beautiful fireplace and there are many beautiful details throughout. In the dining room, the rosewood chandelier and the wood-burning fireplace are exquisite. It’s a very warm and cozy atmosphere that also includes the chic furniture pieces.

The master bedroom is also very beautiful. It features a zen-inspired interior décor and it even has a wallpaper with the words “peace in the heaven”. It might not be the best choice for a bedroom but it’s a beautiful and inviting place to live.

Antique Living Room Sets For Sale In New York For $8.99 Million Photo 3

The New York living room is also very airy and bright. It has large windows with views of the city and windows that have been carved into the wood panels to create a relaxing ambiance. The walls are white throughout and so are the ceilings. The floors are also white, even more so than the walls. The sitting area is very artistic and it features a beautiful black leather sofa facing a beautiful wooden coffee table which vanishes into a white cloud. The stately residence would make a beautiful addition to any home.Available on cityfrontcottage.