If you want your house to be airy and bright and have a simple look, you should try to think of something beyond white. For example, maybe this lovely furniture set could remind you of those old elegant dining rooms where everything is somehow related to light colors. The furniture is white and it also has some brown inserts in it. These almost sculpted wooden legs are the perfect ackeleton that offers the dining table its shape and make you feel comfortable.

The set includes a table and four stools that can also be sued separately. The set includes, exactly in the form of a corner sofa featuring a round top and four matching chairs. Moreover, there’s also a Folk ceiling mat that was spray painted (white is still the same as the rest of the decorations). The set is chic and beautiful and it doesn’t look out of place. The furniture pieces are perfect for the dining room and the whole design is successful.

This is not the first time we see wooden furniture pieces featuring this delicate design. It would definitely be better received by other people who know how to use their creativity to create their own warm and relaxing atmosphere. It’s indeed an exquisite style. The dimensions of the set are variable. You can choose between one of the large and one of the small chairs. It’s a playful design, a great choice. You can use it in the dining room or in the living room, on the hallway or in the kitchen where the space would be always available. You can adapt the same design to your own home. The price for this set starts from $270.