This living room furniture is what I’m calling in the fun fairy tales where the girls are gathered in the trees and girls have their own magical corner. The furniture is definitely something anyone would like to have in their home, but not these lucky for sale. This one is sold as a regular master suite that includes a balcony, a fireplace and a few comfy armchairs. However, the balcony is a quite small one, so the number of pieces that you see while looking at it is usually rather small.

This living room features a very creative furniture layout. There’s the sofa and the armchairs – they have a little something about them that makes them special. Moreover, the wooden floor from the floor directly in front of the seating is now painted with a very interesting green color. This furniture collection would look great in any living room, no matter what the style is. It certainly makes a surprising statement in any living room.

Not only that this is a very stylish and unique furniture collection, but it’s also an ingenious way of saving space. You can easily integrate this furniture piece into the rest of the room. It will be a welcomed addition in the corner, right at the edges when you want to create a cozy reading nook.

Antique Living Room Furniture For Sale Photo 3

Antique Living Room Furniture For Sale Photo 4