We all know how difficult it is to decorate a particular space, especially when it’s a small one, so we all try to make it as pleasant and pleasant as possible. However, sometimes we seem to forget that there are more options. An example could be this living room. It could be the home office or the kitchen. Regardless of the type you prefer, there are certain elements that can help you improve the interaction between those areas.

For example, the kitchen is a social space so it’s important to have a flexible décor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t change the décor according to your family. A DIY project would be very useful if you want to take care of your kitchen without making it seem like you’re closed in a cage. By using black furniture and lacquered finishes, the black feature will be more appealing and it will also create a cohesive look.

This living room got a pallet chandelier as well as a white and black polka dot rug. This feature gives the room a casual look and also increases the comfort. Overall, the décor is very simple, bright and very inviting, perfect for a family home. If you don’t want the kitchen to look black and you simply want it to be a neutral, you can paint white walls and only use black in the other rooms.

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The bedroom is a little more sophisticated. In there, the bed is simple and comfortable and the room is not colorful but this only enhances it. The painting displayed there is white but when sued on the walls, on the floor and wherever else there’s usually a strong contrast of colors. The whole décor of this living room is casual and relaxing but doesn’t lack style.{found on homebunch}