What a unique living room wouldn’t be complete without a furniture set. It’s a very clever idea and this time the result is exactly what we got today. This is the Animal print & Home collection. It includes a sofa, a bed, an armchair and a stool. The stool is certainly the focal point of the design. It features tall plush animals called animals. They have animal prints and colors including grey, black, charcoal, orange, chocolate, coral and tan. The armchair also features a model covered in straw but this time with black stripes.

Of course, you can purchase these pieces or make them yourself. If you choose flowers then you get the natural look. Another option is to make them from some of the animal prints you’ve already got. You can combine patterns and combine different colors. The furry side tables also feature red stripes. The coffee table with snake print and olive accents is a very beautiful collection, perfect for minimalist modern interiors. The chairs in this set are very beautiful as well. They share in common simplicity and elegance.

Animal Print Living Room Furniture Set Photo 3