When decorating the living room the main focus is usually on choosing the furniture as according to how it looks and what color palette. The furniture needs to look nice and comfortable and to also have some storage space. The furniture ideas that come to my mind when I think of it are not choosing nice and comfortable pieces of furniture for my living area, but rather the ones that I want to use and that I have in mind when I design a room for my family members.When you think of children’s room the first thing that you should think of is to choose something really attractive and fun, that can be both practical and functional.

I don’t know if children love animals or if they actually are kids, but if you have children you will probably love this furniture idea. It is am another example of how you can use in the house accent pieces, so that your living room looks cool without worrying about using it too much. There is one piece of furniture from this collection designed by Let It Be (Elodie Stephan Design and Andrea Panache) that is really useful for both the kids and the adults. It is made entirely of cardboard, which is thin and airy, but also light, so that it is perfect for the kids and also easy to clean.

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The designer brings two models: the main body for living and the loft bed version, named Aftersleep, made of natural walnut wood. The loft bed version is sleeping on a light weight, made of cardboard, but also on a strong base. The product is available in three different colors: walnut, an American black walnut, white, black or white sand and the mattress version, made of dry-stocking.

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