When decorating the living room, one of the first steps you need to take is choosing the furniture. This is a very personal thing and it’s why it’s easy to get carried away and to settle for a design that doesn’t really suit your immediate needs. A rather personal design would suit a couple. This way they can decide whether they like the spot wide open or hidden behind all those heavy walls or if they’d prefer privacy plus it’s also a matter of tastes and style and all sorts of different influences.

The Mr & Mrs Cat chair is definitely designed to be comfy and to offer an option when it comes to comfort. It’s not a chair very often you see one that doesn’t match. The feet are definitely the exception and the cat will surely know that it needs to be special. The Tilt stool is also an addition worth admiring. This oversized foldable stool has a modern design and it features a sturdy and durable wooden frame, polyurethane and foam seating.

This oversized version of the Mr & Mrs chair was designed by Tom Collier for Knoll, a company that makes bedding and cushions. And this time the designer didn’t just stick to the basic designs but extended them, offering the cat several new options on all those things like memory foam brushes, a touch pillow, a memory foam mattress, microfiber material, gel pillows and even a very cool chair. Every little detail is personal and unique so don’t be caught up in the company’s decisions and suggestions.