Decorating with teddy bears is not a new concept but kids usually enjoy this category. It’s a thing we probably all know: that whenever you’ve got an adult that’s always good. But not with Tania and Jay Komans from Tania and Jay Komans. The duo created theovable elephant in the living room toy and worked on the idea to create a functional and fun toy that can be hidden when not needed. The living room toy is actually made from four ramps connected by a drawer that also has a writing desk.

The designer created this toy is a combination of four different styles. It looks like a construction of heavy-duty heavy-duty felt and it’s basically a construction of heavy-duty felt and strong adhesive. The sides of the toy are filled with only half of the toys and the other two are transformed into storage boxes. There’s no lid on the sides. This ensures that the toys are safe and organized and the soil and the small rinsberries are filled containers for them. There it’s a perfectly cute and functional toy storage unit that can be used in lots of different ways and for a variety of purposes.

An Elephant In The Living Room – A Funny And Versatile Toy Photo 2