Some of the most interesting pieces of furniture in the living room are the armchairs that have a very interesting design, the sofas with built=back cushions of different sizes and of different designs, and of different shapes. The furniture is amazing and it is the kind of sculpture you wouldn’t expect to see in a store, on the Internet or near a resale department. Among the seven Art Deco pieces I present you only three. I have to tell you that all these modern pieces are modern and interesting.

My personal opinion is that the look is my taste, the one that says you should use “zen” pieces in your living room, that they should have a strong and elegant design and in a good way. As for the material used for these furniture pieces, we can only have something like one or maybe two of them and leave the rest to us.

The pieces are made in Los Angeles and come from China. Each one of them shows the beauty and nobility of the material. The Blow head, for example has a very simple and modern design, with clean and delicate lines and sharp angles. The name comes from what makes it so versatile.