Located in Kaoyai, Nakornratchasima, Thailand, this interesting home was designed by Pb Elemental Architecture. It was a project that attempts to redefine the term ‘home’ in a creative way. The architects came up with a design that has a very simple and raw structure and that has it’s own identity and atmosphere when looking at the facade of the building. When seeing the interior, we can see how the light enters the rooms as well as how each living space is organized.

The house has a 7 modules. These are the living space, the entryway, the dining space, the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the children’s bedrooms. The design is trying to disappear in between them, to create uniformity throughout the rooms. The open space kitchen features concrete counters and oak cabinetry and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. There are also four guest bedrooms in this sector. The two children bedrooms have traditional features, but the master bedroom, located on the same level, offers wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. The house was designed to be used in hot and cold weather, and to also have a low energy operation. Energy consumption seems to be zero, as the house operates without air-conditioning. The house was built in a short order and this helps to expand. The location of the house makes it ideal, the perfect place for a vacation, but also a place where you can spend your honeymoon. It is a simple and yet very interesting place where the architect thought it would be a shame not to mention the beautiful nature of the site.

American Freight 7 Pc Living Room Designed By Pb Elemental Architecture Photo 2

American Freight 7 Pc Living Room Designed By Pb Elemental Architecture Photo 3