The Russian Interior agency, B2 Designs has found a way to combine simplicity, elegance and functionality in one product. They created a smart home complete with a bunch of pictures. You’ll see that anything inside this refrigerator can be used as storage, storage space or to keep other things in place. There’s even a place for the paperclips in the form of photo frames.

But most of all, these photos can be put on display and beautifully showing the company’s brand. There are many ways of using pictures in your home. You could for example put them on the mantel, the console table, the bed, etc. and you could make them stand out by choosing a more unusual and unusual design. You could also display them on a shelf or in the shape of a heart.

Amazon Pictures For Living Room Photo 2

These photos are composed of a flower vase having various photo storage spaces with small compartments. You can use them as photos of you and your partner or even a memo board. The compartments are a reminder of what we normally see in our homes. There’s also a larger photo on one corner of the vase and it’s merely a link between the pictures and the general design of the room.

There are many ways of displaying photos in a home. This is just one of them. You can simply attach the pictures to the wall or you can tightly wrap velvety drapes around the corner to emphasize the coherence of the design. For example, you could hang these photos vertically on a wire or you could lean a few boards against the wall to create a more complex design. The sky is the limit with this design. This is a home that’s perfectly suited for someone who likes to live a bit less than art.{pictures from site}.