We all like talking about décor, not only about the TV screen and the entertainment console we have in our living room. So a living room will always be filled with joy, cheer and good mood whether the TV or the computer or the puzzle games, all of them generated by the imagination of the bored eye. Any way, if you want a living room which combines childish and fun and which also feels nice and inviting, take a look at this place.

No matter what you choose, you’ll like the gumball machine because it makes you smile, no matter how bad or awkward it may seem. Every smile the user brings is a smile, as the designer who work for Les Ensemblages knew the type of design. They chose a classic style for the gumball machine and with redecoration now they too try to create a tasteful but also fun living room design, a place where everyone can gather to have a good chat and some play cards so that the family can spend time together.

Amazing World Of Gumball Living Room Photo 3

The designer used classic, country style furniture pieces including .. but also the gumball machine and other accessories, creating a fun and interesting room where the guests can play pool, have a cup of coffee, watch movies, look outside, have a play date, talk about stuff related to animals, the sports world or simply do you have a good game there or read a book.

Amazing World Of Gumball Living Room Photo 4

There’s a very nice balance between the classic style and the colorful moments that the designers have tried to give to the room. The furniture is also elegant and stylish, with top quality materials and an original design. The walls are beautiful and painted in a nice color like most works of art. The furniture is really impressive and there’s a very nice and appealing smell in this room. It looks more like a palace than a home and as such can also be used for entertainment; just not for holding board games with rich hunters and historical figures! I love to see how the family dresses themselves in this style, so they can feel comfortable here and also organize a nice private retreat in their room.

Amazing World Of Gumball Living Room Photo 5