People spend a lot of time in their homes, whether their owners are siblings, colleagues or just the same professionals. Simple, quality materials, solid and decorative accessories with that specific look, are the basic elements for that cozy space. I found examples in the artistic rooms and lucky foyer where they provided me with the best result. These are special spaces that cannot be manufactured and which require special care and special care, not to mention some designers doing their best to bring that cozy and warm sensation within.

Sometimes our dreams and preferences regarding furniture and design don’t match so, with places where we would use different people on a daily basis. To better reflect on these preferences and to also make our homes as comfortable as possible without using too much furniture or themed touches, we should purchase something that exactly meets our needs. This is the Aldobi chair designed by Studio Inno.

The ideal designed chair isn’t really unnecessary, since the main idea is to make the user feel comfortable. The design of the chair height adjustable thanks to a special control system. As a result, the chair feels very soft and comfortable and you can control it via a remote. The adjustable bar height also allows you to customize it and adapt it according to user needs.