The AlESSIA leather sofa collection follows the cheventile and concilted design tradition. This original design genre can be seen in the collection of Modern & classy armchairs and seating features. These pieces of furniture are very elegant and have a comfort level beyond the rest. The pieces of furniture are very wide ranging and they can all be combined to form singular accent features and sets. The Alessia collection is the perfect choice for any modern and contemporary living room.

The name in several languages translates as ‘merry’ because the leather on the sofa looks exactly like the mattress on that particular sofa. Until now, we have only looked at a few designs, this time with designs like this chaise lounge which shares the same design language. But the collection already offers a lot more. In the case of this particular sofa, the inspiration sources and the inspiration sources are also obvious: the soft lines and soft geometry complemented by the simple but interesting colors and soft features.

In addition, the leather upholstery has really great characteristics as well. They are moisture resistant, they maintain a light and airy feel throughout the room and they look beautiful in combination with this leather upholstery. The timeless combination of brightly colored leather and rich dark browns with a subtle ash color is simple, elegant and timeless.

Alessia Leather Sofa Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 3