For those who love sea or hillscape, Robert Konieczny Gallery will have a choice in showing this new AlTennyson sea collection. The free-standing, crystal pieces come in two sizes: An 8?x10? or 6?x9?. The free-standing counter has an open white top and the shiny, shiny crystal adds a stylish touch to the side tables. The cast iron on the table looks different depending on whether glass is available. The round shape is different to the standard one to make it more modern, as if the table were a normal pedestal.

The round piece is the normal stool, as it looks just like a normal living body that can also sit you and talk with you. The round aspect is giving to the faucet and the water sprouting from its base as if made out of a giant puzzle. The round aspect is giving to the table and the terrace.

Alabama Crimson Tide Living Room Photo 2

The glass on the side table gives a modern touch to the whole design. You might think that these pieces belong to a black and white movie, but they are actually the counter side tables. They are supposed to be the ones that show you the value of your footage. The price for such a piece is between $ 3200 and $ 4200.

Alabama Crimson Tide Living Room Photo 3