For a people who are in love with the artworks of Gomes Gomes would certainly be a happy addition to their house as the update of this and everybody else’s home would probably choose it over the previous one. As a matter of fact Gomes has been one the most searched for piece in Italian furniture for 70 years and has produced some really amazing sets. One of these and you will realize the charm of his designs.

This set of Alexander Medegera chairs is a mix of art and modern functionality. This arrangement of artistic looking chairs is assured to transform the ambiance of your living room by simply moving from place to place. Art emerges when a painting created with a certain theme is applied and deals with that issues in a delicate and nice manner.

The chairs are available in a number of colors available both in white or in multi-colored wooden panels. Now all there is to know is this fine line between a contrastive and charming set of furniture.Available from €340-$340.