A house with a great fireplace is what you would like to have in your home. Now when we are living in a big city, where you never seem to find yourself near a natural breeze, you do not necessarily think of natural things as you never know the wrong way to arrange your living room. It is a house where everything is in order to please the people and this way you get the idea of beauty and good taste. After I saw this beautiful piece of work of Oteiza it became apparent that this house combines the beauty of hot Wheels, cycling, cycling on the smooth water and lying on a carpet and the feeling of sitting on a high chair and you realize that spring is never enough and you cannot resist its tendency.

It is obvious that this house combines the classic style with quality materials and objects that are both natural and elegant.Among the elements that emphasize the modern air of the building they include: two wood-burning stoves, the stainless steel kitchen diner or the high-quality leather covered chairs, in short, the modern minimalist spaces that emphasize the simplicity in lines and quality of the furniture combined with the high quality materials. The choice of the right colors for each space creates a pleasant space and create the moods of the couple that calls home.

The wood is used for the ceilings. Their modern lines are complemented by a nice carpet that looks like some drawers and that is in color an interesting choice that becomes more apparent when you see it.The big windows with some discrete lights allow plenty of natural light entering all the spaces inside the house but once you get used with it you will never want to touch anything about it again.{found on MiCasa}