Usually when you want to create a relaxing, sophisticated and secure atmosphere in your house, one of the most important parts is interior design. It’s a way of getting a modern and sophisticate look but with a simple furniture and decoration. A living room fireplace is a work of art. It will not interrupt the interior décor of the room and its true beauty depends from the textures used and lines. It is a way of creating a unique place.

Redecorating, the kind of house this fireplace creates is more suitable to a modern or contemporary interior we love today. The difference is that the fireplace is easier to install and it’s created on site. In this way it can be more easily and affordably decorated by anyone in the world, as long as you also follow the same design guidelines as for the dining room.

Accent Walls Living Room Fireplace Designed By Atelier D’Architecture Photo 2

Some might say it’s not a bad idea to have a fireplace in the house, but a strange one seems to be the key to the success of this house oh so much! So if you need a fireplace in the bedroom, this is the one. And there’s one in the living room that seems to imply it’s not a DIY project. It’s only an illusion. I love the wood and the design.