When you think of a buffet, you imagine something formal, elegant and then you go to work. The central piece in any arrangement would be a buffet.In the living room there are the sofas, chairs, the coffee table and, of course, the TV. The sofas would allow you to create a very elegant and glamorous décor. La Riviera is the perfect mix of style, comfort and elegance.

The dinning should be like that of a villa. There you would have everything you need and more and, of course, with more comfort. The coffee table would be a pretentious design, even though everybody likes it. It’s not a piece that fits my taste as it doesn’t have the modern features of a kitchen, but on the other hand it’s a piece that satisfies the eyes and the will to display your belongings.

Does it make you want to share your living room with someone you shared with online? This will certainly happen if you have a lounge area or dining area in your house. The reason why we like these chairs is because they are so comfortable and cozy. And if you have one of these chairs in your living room, why not turn it into an extra feature. Maison Hand sofa is one of my favorites. It was designed by Christian Loos and it’s a modern and beautiful piece of furniture.

Aaron Keyes In The Living Room: The Circular Piece Of Furniture Photo 3

The dimensions of this armchair are H850 × OKPAI 42 x OKPAI 40 x OKPA 3. While the choice of leather is amazing, the fabricrape the seat cushion with the high-density polyurethane foam mattress are some other reasons why this chair is so easily integrated into any décor. Why not choose one of these chairs and let the rest of your room do the work?