Whether we actually live in a house or we’re just crazy about living in the mountains, it’s not exactly practical to have a place where you can spend most of the time indoors. You can achieve all that but in a very unusual and stylish way. One of the architects that worked on this project was Pininfarina. The studio created this particular living room area to perfectly suit the surroundings and the atmosphere without making it feel cramped or overly small. It’s part of a new concept and you can find it in Geneva, Switzerland.

The space was designed by Alphaville Architects and is quite special. The designers are particularly passionate about a lot of modern features, including this minimalist-looking living room. They aimed to create a warm and inviting interior and they made that happen by opening up the space and making it as functional and as inviting as possible by eliminating any partitions. Not only that, but the living room even has a small corner for a sofa. Not only that it’s very spacious but it also looks spacious.

The changes made to the living room are not unnecessary but they actually allow you to open up the space a bit more and also to make it comfortable and inviting. The designers also wanted to transfer the functions and the idea of a separate enclosed space into the living room completely changes. Not only that, but they also added a new feature. For the walls of the living room, the flooring features air-conditioning technology. This details ensure comfortable conditions during the day and the rest of the time the rooms looks just as beautiful now. The walls have curtains and this way the space is more open.