Just because you’re living in a home doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and take advantage of the goodies that come with it. A mind crafted home will always be cheerful, welcoming and a warm embrace. It’s what most people do, even if they’re not the best. Take a look at this lovely 88 square feet apartment. It features a range of really great accent pieces including artwork, wall décor and, of course, cozy furniture.

The living room is a shared space which also includes the kitchen. It features dark wooden floors and a simple and modern décor. The walls are white, the ceiling and the ceiling have spot lights that create a nice mood.

The combination of white and natural wood is soothing and goes well with the flooring and the unusual settee. The black kitchen cabinets contrast with the white wall unit and the bed has a sleek and colorful frame. The bed’s headboard is the element that makes this setting stand out. The living room is small and only offers necessities such as a window bench and a small-sized TV. The kitchen is tiny but large and equipped with everything the guests may need.{found on countryliving}.