There are plenty of living rooms to choose from, not just in the case of the living room. However, if you really like a traditional design then the situation will have a different story. As you can see for yourself from the pictures here, the living room designs are rather simple. Still, there are some elements that give them a formal look. Let’s take a closer look at some examples.

1. The color of the walls.

8 Piece Living Room Set Designs: For Those With A More Formal And Sophisticated Taste Photo 2

The color of the walls is important but so is the arrangement of the furniture, the design of the furniture or the lighting. A simple way of introducing color and texture into a room is by painting the walls. For example, a dark color such as black will enhance the living room furniture.

2. A light area rug.

In the case of the bedroom, the rug is an optional feature. It can introduce color into the décor or even texture in the room. The same thing goes for the living room rugs. For example, choose low-maintenance rugs for the living room and opt for long-rattling backstalls in front of the fireplace. The rug can be a wonderful accent feature.

3. Metallic accents.

Maintaining a deep, bold shade of color for the living room is not a bad idea either. Navy blue is a beautiful shade for the living room. It will instantly make the room feel sophisticated. You can also use a strong color for the room to make it look sophisticated by mixing in some mirrored coffee tables, a sleek wall painting, an ornate wall clock etc.

4. A rug with an unusual shape.

One of the most unusual things about the rugs is the shape of the rug. This shape tends to be reminiscent of an octopi roof because it has no curved edges. This shape is usually used for the inspiration for the furniture itself. Also, it’s commonly used for accessories like the rugs for example. It’s a nice way of decorating a living room without having to go through a lot of re-decorating.

5.paneled furniture.

The furniture you use for the living room has to be cushy and to look cozy. That means it has to be made of wood, like the furniture, it has to be simple, with no extra details and it also has to be visually pleasing and to be an accent piece for the room. This way you get the peaceful atmosphere and you don’t get to worry about all the decorations and accessories.