Decorating for your entertaining life is always on trend, and that is not hard to achieve when you’re looking for a new idea. Today we take a peek at 6 stand alone living room decor ideas that add color and liveliness to your home.

The living room is a major part of the house, and it is the perfect place to celebrate a great theme, as the living room is the social hub of the house. In a country rustic living room, the great surprise lies in the center – the area around the fireplace and its tier enclosed by log walls.

In a place that is simply engaging, the red brick home has added an unexpected appeal by painting the pin board in a beautiful rustic wood color. Making the fireplace even more important to the mantel is another great feature of this red brick home. The living room fireplace itself is made from wood offcuts that have been stacked in a fireplace surround. They are placed in a wall-mounted fashion over the mantel area to highlight all the beautiful architectural features.

6 Piece Living Room Set-up With A Pop Of Color Photo 4

The red brick chimney area at the front of the living room is a natural contrast to the red brick chimney area in the back – after all, why would such an adventurous feature of a fireplace area have it built into the wall?!

6 Piece Living Room Set-up With A Pop Of Color Photo 5

A beautiful stairwell at the base of the living room leads into the top floor at the bottom of the three-storey living room. One of the walls was made of copper squares, which created an additional division of the various zones. Sitting on top of the stairwell is a comfortable and stunning library, with glass wrapped sliding pocket doors.

The stairs have a hand me up end of the living room and a landing at the bottom of the stairs. Here on the first floor, a beautiful living room is flooded with natural light through the skylights above. Framed in the window wall behind the couch, a stunning bay window has been added for enjoying the views while relaxing in a seating area.

6 Piece Living Room Set-up With A Pop Of Color Photo 7

The stairs continue up to the top floor as well. Here the area designed for relaxation is the landing – perfect for admiring the homeowner’s collection of books.

6 Piece Living Room Set-up With A Pop Of Color Photo 9

The master bedroom and bathroom are separated only by the walk in shower. Here the floors, walls, ceiling and bed all face towards the shower. Another bathroom uses a shower, this time in a more private position against the wall. A glass panel above the shower allows the homeowner to easily take and undulate the water on the go, without fear of bumping into the sink or bathtub.

When steam is no longer a whisper, the living room becomes a living space. The fireplace now sits on the end of the linear strip of natural stone on the floor. This means that not only is the fireplace attractive and cozy, but the glass side facing the deck, is far more practical.

The curtained floor creates hardscape of the decking itself, which is a nice feature of this living room. The ceiling lights still provide soft, warm light throughout.

The walls of this modern home where used in plays comfortably on the walls and carpets. “

Photos courtesy of Swatt Miers Architects