If you’re currently living alone, chances are you have no room for a large collection. The living room is one of the most valuable pieces of furniture. It’s also the most used areas of the house. It’s where people gather to chat, play games and entertain. And just because you have a large collection it doesn’t mean you have to count on some small details.

A living room is all you have to do if you want to organize a great time. It won’t be like usual. Still, you should make you have room for something practical. A living room is like a giant puzzle. You need a space for everything. The pieces need to solve so it’s best to just put everything in one place. This means you need to make sure the living room doesn’t look like a labyrinth.

This way you solve several problems and you don’t have to go to the rooms trying to find out the right piece. This type of interior design is very chic and beautiful. Modern and contemporary, this living room sets a new standard in most living rooms.{found on abode}.

And, you can’t forget about the key to any home. The key to any home is represented by the items that help you personalize your space. For example, this living room has a very well designed lounge area that’s directly connected to the dining room. It’s a large space and each area is different. The white walls are complemented by matching wood floors and ceilings.

The colors used for the interior design are simple and neutral so the décor is not monotonous. The focus is on comfort and this can be seen anywhere you look. The windows let in natural light which makes the white walls almost unnoticeable.

Even though the room is very simple, it doesn’t lack eye-catching focal points. For example, those mounted on the ceiling are pretty eye-catching. They create a beautiful walk in the house but they’re also accessible via a staircase that sits suspended between the windows.

As for the furniture, it’s massive and robust. It must be nice to get out of the house whenever the weather is good and leave the upper floor for something else to do or a meeting room if the layout is interesting like this one. There’s plenty of space for socializing but it’s also a nice environment for interaction.

The home office is not part of the same room either. It’s integrated into a wall space and it’s part of a casual seating area with a fireplace and a chair, just like the living room. The fireplace is just a visual barrier between the two environments.

The dining room is a small space, dimensions being emphasized by the simplicity of the décor and the high quality of the finishes and decorations. A classical white table and four chairs can face the Pacific ocean which is a very beautiful retreat for those who like the simplicity and freedom that comes with it. The rope lights are a fun detail which complements the room in a perfect way.

Now that we reached our goal, the last thing we’re going to show you is some room where you can relax in peace but also feel the thrill of having your own private space. There are lots of ways in which you can feel each other in comfort. The secret is to create a relationship between the interior and the garden, to arrange the furniture strategically to make the room feel more comfortable.

Furniture has to be comfortable and comfortable but it also has to create a feeling of intimacy. For that, the lighting is very important. In most cases even though the furniture is bright and there’s not that much color going on, the atmosphere remains intimate and very cozy. In addition, smaller furniture pieces can be brought together to form a larger space. In this case there’s no sofa, absolutely not in this photo.

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