The new Xo rug is a very nice piece, perfect for a cozy living room. It’s also a very versatile rug that can easily fit into any room. Not only that it has a very beautiful design, simple lines and an elegant silhouette but the X is also cozy and comes in very handy in the winter. The Xo rug is made of 100% cotton. This means it’s durable and resistant to heat and cold, making it perfect for use in the house. The dimensions of the Xo rug are Length (Sized) x Width (H Width x Height) 26 x Height 33 in. (55 cm x 100 cm) and are 100% x measured at the thinnest point of the x.

The rug is made of 100% wool and it can be easily folded and stored away during the winter. However, you should make sure the rug is well washed and this way you avoid any bleaching and cracking due to humidity. Anyway, the Xo rug is a very beautiful creation that would look very beautiful in a modern, simple and modern, even minimalist home. It’s both cozy and elegant. It’s a cozy piece that is also elegant and quite comfortable. It would look nice in the living room, where you can read a book or simply relax.

3 Piece Living Room Rug Sets With Comfy Design Photo 2

The Xo rug is available in three distinct versions: arctic, wing and teal. The chair and footstool versions go no further. All three are equally beautiful and elegant. You can buy the chair and footstool combination for a price between 78 and 130 EURotes. The same goes for the other designs. However, make sure you customize it in the way you like. Before searching on the internet with a certain list of features, just try to highlight your collection. You don’t need too much information. Just a few moments will take you to fine-unscure the item you need in the living room.

3 Piece Living Room Rug Sets With Comfy Design Photo 3